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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

7 days...

one week from today, baby lyla ryan will be here...i can't believe it! it seemed to go by a lot faster than with noah and i feel like i need more time to get ready...but ready or not!

i have a couple of very talented friends here who have been getting into photography and wanted to take some maternity photos...i warned them that i am not very photogenic and really how cute can pictures of my BIG belly be at 38 weeks? they proved me wrong - they did an awesome job! here are some of the pictures that they took!

thanks, tori and amber! (i love them!)

Friday, September 5, 2008

4 years and counting...

Loren and I just had our 4 year anniversary on the 4th. I can't believe that it has been that long, but at the same time, it seems much longer than that - if that makes any sense! Loren planned a night out on Tuesday (thanks, jason for babysitting) where we went to a movie, that doesn't happen a lot anymore, and had dinner at Capriano's...ummm, delicious! But it didn't compare to Loren's yummy dinner he made for me on our actual anniversary...he was so proud of his work that he had to take pictures of it! It is so nice having a husband that likes to cook and is good at it!! Thanks, Loren, for the past 4 years and many more to come... love you!

catchin' up on a busy week...

seriously, i don't know where the days go! i have so many cute updates for here but i think that i might have to stick to just posting the pictures for now! (i don't know how i am going to handle having another baby!) I have 25 more days before little miss marshall (name still undecided) joins us and i have so many things to do still to get ready. oh, well. there's always tomorrow - that is my new motto!

noah turned 19 months this last week and has been as cute as ever.
here is our little man in action:



his hair grows so fast! he won't sit still for haircuts anymore so loren pulled out the hair clippers...it's shorter than what we wanted, but give it a few weeks, he'll have his curls again!

noah before with his sweet little curls and innocent face...

it's like he grew up in a matter of minutes.. isn't this an eat-your-heart-out kind of face?


...and then there's noah's funny face! we stumbled across this one day when we were
naming all the body parts. he still had his tongue out when i asked where his ears were... now anytime you ask where his ears are, this is the result!


and he has been givin' out kisses left and right...
isn't that the cutest little pucker!