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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

one . two . THREE .

Noah turned 3 on January 31 and he was so excited! This little guy is awesome. We have loved watching him learn and grow! He is constantly amazing us and making us laugh! Today, I let him watch a Little Einstein's episode and he ran up to me, arms WIIIIIDE open, jumped in my lap and said "mom, you're the best. i love you." and I wish I could have captured the sweet little smile on face which came right before he kissed me on my cheek. Then, he jumped on the couch as he sang along with opening song and excitedly clapped with the beat. It was priceless. This is an everyday thing...it doesn't take much to get this kid excited. He is sweet, compassionate, spunky, a GREAT big brother, silly and the best word to describe him is happy.
love you, little guy!