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Saturday, October 24, 2009


september 30,2009

our little princess

L Y L A r y a n M A R S H A L L

turned one

what a year it has been. this little thing has got such a huge personality! she loves talking...LOUD! and LOVES her big brother and tries to do everything he does. put on some tunes, and she starts dancing. do something that she doesn't like, and she'll let you know! she throws the best and cutest fits right down to the dropping on the ground and kicking her legs with as much energy as she can! we l.o.v.e. her so much and are so blessed with her fun, sweet spirit!
love you, baby girl!

i think noah wanted in on her birthday cake

{waffle bowl filled with her favorite:strawberries topped with whipped cream!}

good to the last bite.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lonesome Kicker

Now, if my iphone were to have a zoom function on it then you would be able to see that, sure enough, that is #99 Riley Stephenson. The truthfulness of the lonesome kicker was never before so obvious to see. I am glad that I was able to witness the solitude of the kicker first hand...Tyson you were there.