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Monday, January 21, 2008

the chase...

noah is all over the place...climbing on shelves, getting into cabinets... it's crazy! we have to baby proof everything. he is so fun to watch! i took a few pictures of him today. he was chasing cheerio around with a comb...he was determined to brush her fur!

my buddy...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

everyone's invited...

noah will turning one january 31st!

merry christmas

sara gave him some really cute cowboy pj's!

it actually looks like he was reading about his present.
this was his favorite present...
a mini lava lamp! thanks grandma marshall!

viva las vegas! noah's first christmas was so fun! we headed back to vegas to spend christmas with loren's family and my sister, sara. it was so nice to see everybody and show off noah. it had been a long time since we've been back and i realized how nice it will be to back near family. noah decided to start walking a few days before we left and hasn't stopped since! he is on the go...constantly.