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Saturday, January 2, 2010

the holidays.

i am little behind so i have to lump the end of november and december into one post! we have had so much fun!
we ended november with thanksgiving at our house with an "agenda"! {think Dan in Real life without the fighthing and cheating-except maybe from the guys on the kitchen clean-up crossword puzzle!!} it was so m
uch fun to have MOST of the family here under one roof! {thank goodness for this montrous house!}
i need to direct you to the
Vidal Family Blog for the complete weekend update - thanks to the best blogger ever, sarah! here are a few random photos, i found on my camera...


then, it was time to get ready for christmas.

i spent most of my days {and late nights} working on holiday cards for everyone else, that ours was a last minute thought. a quick impromptu photo shoot led to some very cute pictures from our doll faces!

we packed up and headed to vegas to spend christmas with the family there. it was so much fun for the kids to be with their cousins. as always, we get out the angel costumes and shepherd gear to reinact the nativity. aren't these the cutest little mary, joseph and little angels you ever have seen?!

then, of course, christmas morning came and the HOURS of opening gifts. even though tyson's,tad's, and the harris families weren't with us this year, it still seemed to take just as long! the kids were ecstatic about their gifts... hopefully they will help to get them off our iphones!
noah got some swords, a buzz light year, a tricycle, books, etc...so many cool presents from grandmas!! thank you!

lyla got the coolest gift from megan - it's called a bilibo...
she loves it! she also loves her baby doll! a little mother in the making!

and finally, came our family christmas gift...
this one was a little harder to keep a surprise. but we did somehow and on christmas morning, when all the presents were opened, we brought out the last gift wrapped in red with a bow on top...
i am so sad - we had the cutest picture of noah opening the box to reveal the newest little member of our family, but i lost half of my pictures somehow!! i wish you could have seen the look on this little guys face when quincy noel's little head popped out of the box!
the BEST christmas present EVER!
sunday after church, we tried snapping a few family pics - got some cute ones, but of course, lost them! i just love the ones of the noah and quincy. he loves her and calls her his dog! she is so fun! it took her a day or two to warm up, but now this little smarty follows us around with a cute little hop in her step. we have a very soft spot in our hearts for cocker spaniels and she reminds me of our little cheerio. So smart and cuddly - the best christmas present!

We have been so blessed this year and are so lucky to have such a wonderful family. I love this time of year and the reminders everywhere of all that our Heavenly Father has given us. We hope that this year has been filled with good memories and pray that next year brings even more!
Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!