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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Utah, Utah! If I would have been asked at almost any time in my life if I thought that Utah was the place I would settle and raise my kids, I would have most likely chuckled and assuredly denied the idea. In fact when on my mission and in school in Texas, most assumed I was from Utah. I firmly informed those inquiring of their error. Not that I had anything against Utah. I loved my brief time at BYU and from time to time remind Sonya that, if it weren't for her I would have continued there.
As time drew close to an end in Chiropractic College I just figured that I would be going to California and working with my brother. So that's what we did. There are many songs, stories and movies about the greatness of California. Sonya and I tried to make California fit. Maybe it's the Texas in my wife and me. Maybe it's something else. But it seemed that no matter what we did something just did not feel right. Despite being close to family, close to attractions such as the beach and Disneyland, having a great opportunity at my brother's clinic and making some good friends.
Sonya and I tossed around the idea of returning to Las Vegas for a little while, even to the point that I got my license in the state. Doors seemed to be opening left and right. But at the end of the day that too just didn't feel right. I know, I know, I seem to be going a lot based on feels. I have done pros and cons assessments and other evaluations of the possibilities as well.
Now we are in Utah. I don't have my license to practice yet. I don't know exactly my plan for working. Honestly, I am as scared as I have ever been. I doubt my decision constantly. I wonder if the Lord is on my side. I wonder how it will end up. I hope that my desert will "blossom like a rose" and that truly "this is the place," for me and my family!