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Sunday, February 17, 2013

2012: Year in Review

Well, there are some serious cobwebs on this poor, neglected blog. I keep thinking, "I need to update the blog. When I have some free time, I'll get to it." And then I start laughing. It has been over a year and 3 months since we last post and let's be serious, Loren is the only that was posting most of 2011. So much has happened since then. So the only way I am going to be able to catch up is do a highlight reel of 2012 because some pretty major things happened and simply starting now, 2013, seems silly! So here goes. Hold on to your seats, it been a whirlwindy, wonderful year.

 Noah turned 5. He is simply the sweetest little boy.ever. He is fiesty and can throw a good fit with the best of them but his heart is pure gold. He never wants anyone to hurt and especially be the cause of someone else's pain. He is very much into super heros so we threw him a superhero party!


hmmmm...we seriously started contemplating moving out of Utah to for Loren to work in Las Vegas with a clinic that he knew wanted him before we moved to Utah. Soooo....

MARCH 2012
We moved to Vegas. Just like that. I think we needed to do a fast move - kinda like ripping off a bandage. There were some really great things about living in Utah. We especially loved our ward and neighborhood. Great people, great friends. I remember calling up Kristen, one my best friends. And that was the moment it hit me that it would be a bitter sweet move. Leaving a  great place behind to go another great place. Knowing that we were going to be closer to family and the fact that Loren had a great opportunity for his career, got us through it. These are the people that made this transition much easier:

 I love being close to family.

APRIL 2012
Oh, I don't think I have even mentioned yet that I was pregnant with another girl! YEAH!

 Due June 30th.

MAY 2012
hmmm...can't think of much here.  It's been so nice and we have been enjoying the outdoors. I had another birthday :( I'm 30 again!  (Just like the last 3 years.)  Just to mention for a bit that work picked up a lot this month.  I don't write about it often, but I feel completely, 100% blessed that my little etsy shop has grown the way it has over the last 4 years.  I would have never imagined when I made those few little clicks and created west willow designs that it would be as big as it is today.  Over the last 4 years, I have poured over learning and developing skills to come up with creative designs, sharpened my customer service skills and lost plenty of sleep on keeping a small business running.  I hit 5000 sales a few months ago. It may not sound like a lot to a big design site, but for this one woman show, it has kept food on the table, a roof over our heads and a little to play with.  And it is growing more everyday.  Here are few of my favorite designs and best sellers to date:

JUNE 2012
I am huge and ready to pop!   Sara and Glen threw us a Baby-Q to celebrate the upcoming arrival!

and then, drumroll, please...

Berlin Rae was born June 27th.

 Our little ray of sunshine arrived with a full head of red hair!  We love her to pieces and the kids can't keep their hands off of her!  We are blessed with this adorable little person.  8 pounds, 4 ounces of complete perfection.  She shares a birthday with my mom, Sandy.  This has been the best highlight of the year!  I always mean to write my thoughts and feelings right before and after I have a baby.  Each birth so different.  Noah's, well, in one word - ROUGH.  Lyla, easy breezy with a lot of weird anticipation.  I knew I was going to have a c-section but didn't know how that worked without all the trauma like before.  Then, Berlin - well, I felt like a seasoned veteran and went in knowing what to expect - but wait, it was different too!  I felt like I was being torn apart and couldn't breathe - WHAT?  But with each one, I will never forget the moment I laid my eyes on my new angels.  An incredible surge of emotion hits and I know that my love for them is fierce and true.  It is something that cannot be described with words but parents know what I mean.  It's an amazing feeling.  So the second Loren brought Berlin from the behind the curtain and put her head next to mine, it was over.  Tears flowing, I promised myself and my Father in Heaven that I would do everything in my power to give her the most love and protect her from harm.  I love this little redheaded girl and she completes our perfect little family. 

JULY 2012
Not much going on here! Just adjusting to the life of 3 kids!  Recovery went smoothly and it was amazing to be surrounded by family this time.

Loren turned 32 and what a better way to spend his birthday then blessing our new, precious baby girl!
Berlin's blessing on August 5, 2012.  Our little doll.  I loved making this dress and accessories for her.  She's an angel!

Noah started Kindergarten and Lyla started preschool! And both are loving every minute!

While the beginning of this month was filled with fun and learning to balance a new schedule, the fun came to a screeching halt.  Right now thinking of the events that played out this month, brings tears to my eyes and reopens a wound the size of Texas in my heart.  I received a call from by sister, Heather, that my mom was very sick and would be going to the hospital.  The story is very long and involved and Loren covered it pretty well in his journal so I won't go into the details and trauma that went into getting her to the hopsital.  After a week of being in the Huntsville Hospital, we had very little answers and Sara and I were anxiously waiting to travel out to see her in Alabama.  The call came that she was being transferred to Birmingham and then we found out her condition was very serious.  I boarded the first plane out with Berlin in tow, anxious to see my mom and hoping that I would get there in time to say goodbye.   I stayed the week going between the hotel and hospital, sitting in ICU with my beautiful mom hooked up to every machine in the hospital.  Her liver and kidneys were failing.  She was on dialysis, breathing tube, and several different IVS.  She slept most of the time while Berlin and I talked or sat quietly enjoying her favorite, Andrea Bocelli.  She never talked, barely opened her eyes but there were little gestures  that I know she knew we were there.  There were not a lot of answers and each day we just prayed that there would be improvement.  I stayed a week and when it was time to go back to Vegas, the situation was the same.  I will never forget standing by her hospital bed, squeezing her hand.  I didn't want to let go.  Tears began falling uncontrollably and I starting pleading to her and my Heavenly Father that everything would be okay.  I walked out the hospital that day with the heaviest heart and still praying that I could muster up the strength to get to the airport and make the long journey home with Berlin.  Once I got home, most of the next few days were horrible as I kept wishing I was there holding her hand.  Sara and David went out a few days after I got home and quickly were told that she was not getting better and hope of improvement was very low.  Sunday, September 23rd, they removed the iv's, tubes, and life sustaining machines.  Early Monday morning, with Heather by her side, she passed away and left her tired body behind.  I woke up early that morning as I had been dreaming of my mom.  Five minutes later, Sara called to tell me that she was gone.  I laid quietly in bed with a rush of emotion and I just wanted to fall asleep again and continue the dream of my mom.  Berlin and I flew back to Alabama and attended her beautiful service and said our goodbyes.  Tears still sting my eyes often as I think of how much I miss her.  I have her on my favorites in my iphone and dial her number sometimes.  I wish she would answer with a "Chirp, chirp" as she often would as was our little joke.  I know she is happy and reunited with loved ones and still cheers me on from above, but I wish I could hear her voice again and get one of her hugs.  I love and miss her so much.  I know we will be together again and that keeps me going.

 Two days after I got home from the funeral, we had Lyla Lady's 4th Birthday party.  I found it was best not o postpone her party and it was a good distraction for me.  I am never away from my kids for a long period of time so I missed this guy and my orange haired guy so much.  So the party was quickly planned and this girl had a princessy good time.   This adorable little girl is, in one word - amazing.  She is as girly as they come.  Barbies, dolls, princess, playing house, etc.  She has the biggest smile that melts your heart and she KNOWS how to use it. She loves her family fiercely and screams "I love you infinity and BEYOND" at the top of her lungs when someone leaves the house.  She loves to cuddle with daddy and when she's in a silly mood, she's got some killer dance moves. Oh, how I love this little 4 year old!


 Batman is a HUGE BYU fan. ;)


Noah and Lyla are still loving school!  Loren is getting a little busier at work and me, well, I had a little time to come up for air as my busiest season was in full swing.  250+ orders in November.  I can't even remember what happened this month. But I know we are THANKFUL for our blessings!

Merry Christmas!